Irina Feschenko

Personal stylist. Marbella, Malaga, online.

I am an image consultant, stylist, personal shopper, designer of my own clothing brand, and author of online and offline educational projects.


  • Sorting out your clothes
  • Analysis of the current state of your wardrobe
  • Compiling looks
  • Creating a shopping list of necessary clothes based on the results of the analysis

The first service that clients order from a stylist is to sort out their wardrobe. Even if you regularly organize your closet, it never hurts to look at your wardrobe through the eyes of a professional stylist, make unexpected sets, give old things a new life, …. and, perhaps, say goodbye to many of them. You don’t need a lot of clothes, you need a lot of sets.

While sorting out the wardrobe:

  1. You get rid of unnecessary and unsuitable clothes for you.
  2. Make sets of those clothes that correspond to the natural resources of your appearance, your goals and objectives.
  3. Make a list of clothes and accessories you should buy.


  • Shopping according to your request
  • Development of a shopping route based on your budget
  • Assembling the capsule wardrobe
  • Explanation of what to wear and how to wear it properly

Shopping support differs from everyday shopping through professionalism. The stylist will objectively assess the features of your figure and color type, draw up a shopping list together with you, based on your budget, carry out preliminary shopping in order to assemble and prepare sets for fitting in advance in order to save the client’s time.

As a result, in a few hours of shopping, we will select for you several “delicious” sets that reflect your personality, personal style, and meet your goals and objectives.

  • Development of an idea for the shooting session
  • Selection and coordination of images for photos and videos
  • Accompaniment during shooting, assistance in posing

Stylization is about aesthetics, about creating a single image for all participants, creating a photo story that evokes exactly those feelings, emotions and reactions that you wanted to achieve.

  • Corporate trainings and master classes for top management and employees of the company
  • ‌Individual consultation
  • Development of corporate style

The cost is calculated individually on request

  • From a small number of clothes, we make up a large number of sets the images of which you save on your phone, and thus you can choose the right look in just a minute
  • Sets are made up of both the clothes left after the analysis of the wardrobe and in combination with new clothing and accessories

This way you can find a much wider use for the items and accessories you have, as well as learn how to quickly change your look by changing only one or two details.

  • Changing hair color and haircut to one that perfectly emphasizes your facial features and head shape
  • Conduct training in individual make-up
  • Pick up an updated capsule wardrobe

If your reflection in the mirror no longer pleases you, but you do not understand why, it’s time to change your image.



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A personal stylist
can help when

You´ve stopped liking your reflection in the mirror, or have simply decided to change the way you present yourself
You´ve changed occupation, and would like your image to match your new position or profession
You want to feel comfortable with your appearance in any situation, or accepted in different groups of people
Your maternity leave has ended, your figure has changed, the old styles no longer suit you, or have gone out of fashion

Full wardrobe,
but nothing to wear, again...

Does this sound familiar? Imagine how your life will change if it only takes you a couple of minutes to decide what to wear.

How will we achieve this?

All your clothes will be sorted into ready-made capsules for different occasions
You will use a hundred per cent of your wardrobe
You can forget about making pointless purchases that spend years gathering dust in your wardrobe
Your wardrobe will be not only beautiful but, above all, functional

How does it work?

We will discuss your preferences

By going through a few preliminary tasks together, we will understand what your taste in clothes is, what goals, tasks and dreams your future wardrobe will help you to achieve, and what you would like and what you are ready to try. Together we will turn your personal image into a valuable resource.

We will understand your personal style

I do not strive to make everyone look the same. Your personality is crucial, so the aspects that make up your personal style will be the key factor in elaborating your new wardrobe.

We will sort out your wardrobe and make important decisions

Before you diversify your wardrobe, you will need to get rid of outdated or overly complicated items, as well as start compiling ready-made capsules with costumes for work and leisure, and outline a list of future purchases.

We will go shopping and replenish your wardrobe

Armed with a shopping list and a good mood, we will go for a shopping session. We will replenish your wardrobe with functional and beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories.

About me

I have managed a clothing store, I collaborate with international brands, and I provide consulting services to companies and private clients. I am a fashion designer. I have learned from the best teachers at the Kiev Fashion Institute, the London Fashion Institute,the Academy of Style and Design of Andre Tan (Kyiv, Ukraine) and Polimoda Florence (Florence, Italy). I am the founder and designer of my own clothing brand

I firmly believe that personal style is not just about clothes. It is understanding and prioritising a person´s preferences and goals. First of all, I work with people’s personalities, their preferences and tasks.

External changes slowly but inevitably give rise to internal ones. People begin to feel stronger and more confident. Their personal style becomes an important resource, and a source of strength.

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Разбор гардероба офлайн / онлайн

Wardrobe decluttering and organizing offline / online

Персональный шопинг офлайн / онлайн

Personal shopping offline / online

Стилизация и сопровождение съемки

Stylization and assistance during shooting sessions

Услуги для бизнеса

Services for business

Составление готовых комплектов на все случаи жизни

Compiling ready-made sets for any occasion

Полная смена имиджа

Complete change of image